Advance Care

Grow Your Business Improve Your Margins


  • Advance Care provides an opportunity to offer financing to your patients or customers at no cost to you and no discount to your fee!
  • No contracts or minimum number of applications are required to participate in the program!
  • A wide range of credit is accepted allowing you to service more patients and increase your revenue

Why Advance Care Card?

  • 100% Payout to the Provider!
  • High Approval Rate!
  • No Contract required!
  • No Sign Up fees to participate!
  • Paperless process!
  • No Recourse if patient defaults!
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties!
  • Interest Free Periods!
  • No Punitive Late Fees?

Advance Care Card Products

  • Advance Care offers revolving credit products provided by leading banks!
  • Interest free periods are available and include 12 and 6 month programs. The length of the interest free period is determined by the credit history of the applicant!
  • Instant credit decisions!
  • Secure on-line, paperless application process

How It Works

  • Visit us at
  • Select “ Apply Now”
  • Choose current credit status from: Excellent, Good and Fair
  • You will be directed to the product which best matches your credit situation
  • Complete and submit the secure on-line application
  • Receive an instant credit decision

How You Get Paid

  • Once your patient or customer is approved, they will receive their card within 72 to 96 hours
  • Patients or customers simply present the card to you for payment
  • You process as a normal credit card transaction simply utilizing your existing merchant processing system
  • No additional hardware is required

Patient Benefits

  • Credit lines from $500 to $25,000 are available to the patient
  • Interest free periods of 12 or 6 months
  • All monies paid during the interest free period are applied directly to the principal allowing the patient to reduce the debt quickly
  • The remaining balance after the interest free period expires is subject interest
  • Minimum payments of 2% of the balance are required during the interest free period

Patients With Credit Challenges

  • Applicants with credit scores below 640, should apply for financing at
  • This product was developed specifically to help those patients with lower credit scores secure funding
  • MyMedicalFunding provides traditional installment loan products which provide a fixed interest rate and term
  • Interest rates begin at 6.79%

MyMedical Funding

  • Visit or follow the link provided on the Advance Care site
  • Loan amounts from $1,000 to $30,000 are available
  • Complete the simple, secure on-line application
  • Instant credit decisions are available
  • Review and select terms
  • Funds are wired to patient within 5 to 7 days


  • Advance Care provides a resource for patients or customers to receive affordable financing with no cost to the provider
  • Offering financing products which service a wide range of credit allows you to capitalize on those patient who simply don’t qualify for other financing programs
  • Patient financing provides an important source of revenue for your practice

Get Started Now!!!

  • Since no contracts are required to participate in our program, we simply ask that you complete the short Provider Enrollment form found in the “Provider” section of our web site