AddictionTop Tips For Making The Most Of Your Rehab

The first and the most crucial step towards recovery is enrolling yourself in a drug rehabilitation program. Simply attending the program might help but playing an active role while you go through the rehabilitation journey will assist you in making the most out of the experience. Without further ado, here are some top tips to follow.

DepressionAre You Feeling Depressed? Make Sure You Are Eating Your Fiber

How Your Diet -- And Fiber Intake Specifically -- May Reduce Symptoms of Depression

AddictionWhile Quarantining May Have Been a Time of Peace for Some, Those who Suffer an Addiction Struggled then and still do now

How those with addiction faced temptations during isolation, and why some gave in and still do.

Self CareNeed Emotional Support? Here’s What You Need to Do...

Sometimes we need a little extra support in our life. Here are some tips to help you move forward in getting the help you need.

Youth Health5 Must-See All Ages Movies That Discuss Mental Health Issues

Mental health discussions are important, and these movies offer a great starting point!

GuidesHabits for Happiness

Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Outlook on Life

DepressionDepression Isn't All in Your Head

Depression Continues to Be Found in Cases of Women Who Already Have Inflammatory Diseases

InsomniaBrokering Better Sleeping Habits

The Insomniac’s Guide to Overcoming Insomnia with Relaxation and Mindfulness Exercises

DepressionHow To Grow A Mental Health Blog On Instagram In 2022?

The Trajectories and What They Mean for Adolescent Mental Health

DepressionAbout the Depression Gene and Biological Associations with Depression

Long-Held Scientific Beliefs Have Been Challenged After a New Study’s Publication

StressDiscover the Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

Animal Lovers, the Hype is Real: Pet Owners Experience Real Life Health Benefits

DepressionWhat Happens When You Call a Depression Crisis Hotline?

Making the Choice to Reach Out Can Be Hard, But It Can Take a Weight Off Your Shoulders. Here's What to Expect

TreatmentsMindfulness Is Revolutionizing the Way We Think about Health

How This Introspective Practice is Being Legitimized Among the Public

GuidesHow to Grieve the Loss of a Pet

Coping with the Loss of Your Best Friend

StressRedefining Work Ethic and Success to Avoid Burnout

The Dangers of an All-Work-No-Play Mentality That is Driving Current College Grads Past Healthy Limits

StressHas Distress Taken Hold of Your Life? Try Implementing These 4 Strategies to Get Back on Track

Learn healthy strategies to cope with whatever life has thrown at you

GuidesHow to Use the RAIN Method for Difficult Emotions

It actually has nothing to do with water falling from the sky

TreatmentsLady Gaga Wants You to Get Treatment

She said so in her speech at the Grammys

DepressionHow to Keep You and Your Bacteria Happy

Turns out your mental health may be affected by your microbial friends

S.A.D.5 Ways You Can Care for Your Mental Health This Winter

As the temperature drops, stay happy with these tips.

DepressionI’ll Have a Blue (after) Christmas: Understanding Post-Holiday Blues

Everything you need to know about the New Year, New Blue

DepressionDepression Linked as Side Effect of Some Common Drugs

In the largest study of its kind, about 200 common medications were found to have the side effect of depression.

DepressionWhat is the Loneliness Epidemic?

You're not alone in feeling lonely--a new study reveals that loneliness may be a new health epidemic affecting our country, especially women.

TreatmentsIs Ketamine the Answer for Suicidal Patients?

Rates of suicide are still rising, and research is showing that Ketamine infusion treatment is a promising, superior solution to treating suicidal tendencies and SI.

PostpartumA Guide to Understanding Postpartum Depression

It’s important to know that it's not a character flaw, but a medical condition that can be treated with professional help

Youth HealthThe Potential Impact of Social Media on Teens’ Mental Health

Results from several small studies certainly raise concerns ranging from increased risk for depression and sleep issues, to eating disorders

DepressionBenefits of Using Ketamine IV for Depression

Once most often used as an illicit "party drug," Ketamine shows great promise as an alternative treatment for depression

S.A.D.How to Beat the End-of-Summer Blues

Hang Onto Those Feel-Good Summer Vibes

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