DepressionDepression Linked as Side Effect of Some Common Drugs

In the largest study of its kind, about 200 common medications were found to have the side effect of depression.

TreatmentsIs Ketamine the Answer for Suicidal Patients?

Rates of suicide are still rising, and research is showing that Ketamine infusion treatment is a promising, superior solution to treating suicidal tendencies and SI.

DepressionBenefits of Using Ketamine IV for Depression

Once most often used as an illicit "party drug," Ketamine shows great promise as an alternative treatment for depression

TreatmentsUnderstanding Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR has successfully helped over a million individuals, could it help you too?

AddictionPharmacological Treatment for Opiods: Good or Bad?

Opioids kill over 800 people a week from overdose in the US, but should this addiction be treated with more opioids?

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