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GuidesHow do “Likes” Affect the Well-Being of Teens?

Counting “likes” can turn into an obsession and lead to social pressures and a stressful environment — but only when they get out of hand.

Debriefing The Pandemic With Your Kids: How to Approach the New Normal

A Parent’s Guide to Discussing Big Events with Little Humans

Mental Health Professionals You Should Follow on TikTok

The Top 10 TikTokers who make videos about mental health that you should be watching.

AnxietyEating Disorders amidst the Pandemic

COVID-19 has upended almost every part of normal life, but how are people suffering from eating disorders coping?

COVID-19 and Mental Health Implications

How Coronavirus is Affecting Millions with Mental Illness

StressWhen Life Gives you Limes: Coping Strategies for Pandemic Stress

Mental Health Boosts and Ways to Cope with Coronavirus-Related Stress

Youth Health5 Must-See All Ages Movies That Discuss Mental Health Issues

Mental health discussions are important, and these movies offer a great starting point!

Hidden Benefits of Social Media

How social media can benefit those struggling with mental illnesses

GuidesHow to Use the RAIN Method for Difficult Emotions

It actually has nothing to do with water falling from the sky

Relationships5 Psych-Backed Tips for Making Long-Lasting Friendships

Friendship shouldn’t be a struggle — but it does take effort

TreatmentsLady Gaga Wants You to Get Treatment

She said so in her speech at the Grammys

ADHDGet Ahead of ADHD for Your Best School Year Ever

Strategies for Succeeding in Elementary School Through College with ADHD

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