Complete Guide to Relaxing Gifts for Your Loved Ones

If you have any friends or family member who struggle with stress, whether from a busy job, or as new parents, what better gift to get them than the gift of relaxation? The winter time, especially around the holidays can be particularly stressfully, making your relaxing gift that much more appreciated.

If you have a loved one who is having a particularly hard time dealing with stress, you may want to help them find more significant help to relax and receive professional guidance. For those with Seasonal Depression the holidays can bring an added level of stress that can be challenging to bare on their own. The therapists and counselors at Harmony is dedicated to the restoration of balance and mental well-being throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Beyond professional support, we’ve rounded up a list of stress relieving gifts for any of your loved ones in need of some self-care.


girl wearing vibrating slipper massagers

The feet hold plenty of stress, especially for individuals on them all day.  They also hold many reflexology points that can heal a variety of ailments. There are plenty of foot massager options for any price point that you can gift your favorite friend, when they can’t find time to get a professional massage. From top of the line foot and ankle Shiatsu massagers to cozy fleece lined vibrating slippers, there’s something for every budget.

Essential Oil Diffusers

essential oil diffuser

Aromatherapy can have powerful relaxation properties. Peppermint scents can relieve stress, while lavender can calm and assist with sleep. There are many varieties and features available for essential oil diffusers. This Ultrasonic, cool mist vaporizers and diffuser features adjustable mood lighting and auto-off timer.  There are also diffusers that include soothing sound machines for the perfect night’s sleep.  

essential oil diffuser with built-in sea salt lamp

A unique twist on this thoughtful gift, is this 2-in-1 Himalayan Seal Salt Lamp and diffuser. Himalayan salts emits negative ions to neutralize harmful positive ions emitted from electronic devices.  

doTerra essential oil set

Don’t forget to include a set of quality essential oils, like this intro set from doTERRA.

Meditation Tools

silhouette of person meditating

Meditation is the ultimate practice to reduce stress and anxiety, but it can be challenging to master. There are many tools to help enhance meditation practice, including:

Meditation Pillows

Brentwood Home Meditation Pillow

There are basic meditation tools, like Meditation pillows to enhance comfort and improve posture, this is a quality option by Brentwood home.

Singing Bowls

singing bowl for meditation

Singing Bowls are a lovely tool that emits healing tones during meditation or yoga.


 Rudraksha seed mala necklace

Malas can be used to focus intentions and count mantras. This handmade Rudraksha seed option is top of the line. These Lava Rock mala beads are also very popular.

High Tech Meditation Tools

For more high tech meditation support there are also a variety of options:

man wearing MUSE brain sensing headband

The MUSE Brain Sensing Headband provides real time EEG feedback, helping to guide you to understanding your quiet and distracted mind while offering the appropriate prompts.

Proteus light & sound stimulation system

The Proteus Light and Sound Stimulation System emits bright flickering light and binaural beats to induce various states of consciousness.

Light Therapy

During the long dark winter, Light Therapy is an excellent treatment to a variety of ailments including stress, seasonal depression, and even psoriasis.

Carex Day-light light therapy light

This model by Carex is voted the best consumer light therapy lamp.

Circadian Optics Lux Full Spectrum Light Therapy Lamp

You can also find more portable options like this Lux Full Spectrum adjustable lamp by Circadian optics.

Neck Hammock

girl with head in Neck Hammock

Help ease the physical discomfort stress can cause, from headaches to neck and shoulder pain, with a Neck Hammock. It gently pulls the head away from the neck offering relief from pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Spa Blankets

heated lavender spa blanket

A luxury cozy blanket is a lovely gift in and of itself, but this heated spa lavender blanket takes it to the next level. Beyond it’s cozy texture, it can be heated in the microwave and provides a soothing lavender scent.

Shiatsu Massager

girl with Shiatsu Massager around her neck

This highly rated portable Shiatsu massager even features a car plu for on the go deep massages. It also provides heat to relax muscles and ease tension.

Lavender Spa Gift Set

lavender spa gift set products

Once again lavender makes an appearance, as the most relaxing scent to enjoy. This all natural set features everything your loved one needs for a soothing spa experience at home. Featuring bath salts, hand and body lotion, essential oil and dried lavender sachet, it’s lavender luxury at it’s finest.

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