As of April 1 2023, all current Medicaid healthcare plan members will need to reverify eligibility for their insurance coverage. We encourage all of our clients to learn more here to ensure their health insurance is not interrupted.

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Jeremy Walker – FNP

Many of the clients I’ve seen have struggled with depression and anxiety. They are in need of help to reach individual goals based on their own ideas of normalcy, peace, and happiness in their lives. My clients want to be able to function in the world without the fear of darkness that depression and anxiety can cause.

I am someone that will listen, care, and help you reach your goals. My life’s goal is to try and help others overcome the obstacles in their lives and to help them be what they feel is their best version of themselves.

Are you carrying a heavy load? Are you stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and/or depressed? If you are struggling, you don’t have to be alone. Come in and see me and we will share the load together and make a difference in your life.