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Sarah Garand – ARPN

I have seen clients from all walks and stages of life! I like to address goals at the very beginning when establishing care and go from there. I feel this is comforting for clients to have a goal in mind. I know anticipatory anxiety can be hard! I am here to support you and find the best treatment modality for you as no one is the same! I know how much strength and courage it takes to reach out for help. Constant worry, stress, feeling sad, and loss in life can be frustrating and sometimes we all need a little help. You are not alone!

As a Board Certified nurse practitioner I use evidence-based practice to provide clinical evaluation, treatment, and consultation services, as well as prescribe medication if needed, to adolescents and adults. I specialize in Bipolar Disorder, First Episode Psychosis, and Schizophrenia but love to treat Trauma, PTSD, OCD, Depression, and Anxiety.

Reaching out is the first step; I’ll help you with the rest! Together we can empower each other and grow!