R.O.O.T.S. or Recovery-based Outpatient Opioid Treatment Services is a clinic created specifically for the treatment of opioid (narcotic pain pills or heroin) addiction. Patients receive a combination of therapy and medication management services to help break the cycle of opioid addiction.

Medication management is typically through use of buprenorphine (Suboxone) to reduce opioid cravings and prevent debilitating withdrawal symptoms. When patients are on this medication, they can begin to build the foundations of a sober life free from chasing opioids, fear of withdrawal, and the financial, legal, and relationship problems which accompany this addiction. We also provide other medical treatments including naltrexone (Vivitrol) in certain cases.

Of course, medication alone is not enough to reverse the damage done by opioid addiction. This is where therapy comes in. Our licensed therapists assist patients in rebuilding their lives the way they want them to be. In an environment that is non-judgmental, open, understanding, and empathic, healing can begin to take hold.

We strive to provide these services in a way that serves our community. We require accountability from patients, both in terms of honesty and commitment to treatment. We carefully monitor the progress of each patient, and we make every effort to eliminate illegal diversion of controlled substances into the community. The problem of opioid addiction is a serious and growing one for every part of our state. We are committed to providing the best available treatment to those in our community who are suffering with this addiction and providing it responsibly.


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