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Understanding Your Behavioral Health

Na therapy group brings people with similar circumstances together to heal with the proper treatment thanks to neuropsychological testing services europsychological testing helps us understand the relationship between the brain and behavior.

Neuropsychology is the study of the behavioral and cognitive changes that can happen when the central nervous system is injured or diseased.

By conducting a series of standardized evaluations, typically in the form of pen-and-paper style tests, neuropsychologists develop a complete understanding of how key areas of a client’s brain function.

For individuals experiencing treatment-resistant depression or chronic neuropathic pain, neuropsychological testing is an essential part of behavioral health treatment. It allows us to more fully understand the source of a client’s pain, making it the first step towards developing a truly effective treatment. 

“Neuropsychology is a powerful diagnostic and treatment tool, and we are excited to bring it to our clients in West Virginia communities.”

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Our experienced providers will work with you or your loved one to address the complex emotional and physical elements of depression.

Our staff understands the importance of community, and that’s why we are so dedicated to serving the people and communities that helped raise us by providing exceptional behavioral health treatment. For more information about our individual providers, please click on the Team link above. We look forward to serving your needs and the needs of your community.

By working together to find a treatment that meets your needs, we can help you understand your mental health and begin down the road toward healing. Call Harmony at 304.410.0082 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about neuropsychological testing and its benefits.