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Amanda Tarbett, MSW, LGSW


Over my career I have learned the value of my role and that is to provide the information and skills to clients that are necessary for the change they are seeking. I will support and empower them to make whatever decisions they chose while continuing to hold them accountable for their actions and reactions. I have experience working with sexual assault survivors, clients who have experienced traumatic event(s), substance abuse, anger management, abandonment, abuse and neglect and grief for clients of all ages

My ideal client would be anyone that is in need and receptive to accepting the help that they have initiated. The client would be engaging in session, honest, motivated, and willing to be held accountable for their actions, reactions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They would be willing to hear things that they may not initially agree with or fully understand but interested in learning how to change the negative aspects that they have sought change for

I am here to be your cheerleader and support for the difficulties you are experiencing. It is not my duty to tell you how to handle a situation but to provide guidance and education to utilize healthier coping skills and reset the negative way of thinking. If I could teach everyone two things in life it would be learning to identify what you can control and that it is “okay not to be okay.”