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Jaclyn Ketchem, MFT


My ideal client would be a couple and/or family. Their issue would be infidelity. The need would be to explore the reason why the affair took place in the first place. Their goals would be to build rapport, identify any pre-existing relationship issues, open communication, rebuild trust and establish boundaries. They ultimately want to stay together and would be willing to forgive but they need the most effective coping skills and a neutral party to get them there.

I can help by being a great listener, open-minded to any presenting issues and willing to help my clients to the best of my ability. The goal is to resolve the presenting issue/s. I tend to use solution focused and emotionally focused therapy. However, I like to meet with the client/s and see what approach it best responded to.

I am a warm, inviting and open minded mental health therapist. I graduated with my masters in marriage and family therapy in 2015, but I have been providing therapy since 2011. I am currently working on my state licensure to be an LMFT. My background is broad where I’ve interacted with children, couples, families, extended families, trauma, drug and alcohol issues and more. I want to explore the issues and come up with effective resolutions to best help my future clients.