As of April 1 2023, all current Medicaid healthcare plan members will need to reverify eligibility for their insurance coverage. We encourage all of our clients to learn more here to ensure their health insurance is not interrupted.

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Julie Fields – LPC

I am a compassionate, loving, honest person who knows that no one is perfect. I am willing to give people a chance and will do their best to help their find their own peace and hope. My ideal client is someone who is willing to learn. Clients are humans and as humans we have many issues. In my personal opinion the hardest thing for a person is knowing if they will overcome what life has brought to them. The hardest thing is to find peace within from the harshness of life and be able to continue to live. Clients don’t know the answers to their problems and feel like life has stopped for them so my ideal client is someone I get the opportunity to help them find their way back to living.

I can help others because of my own personal experiences and also through allowing my clients to be who they are. I feel like I offer clients a safe environment to discuss their issues and to feel supported.