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Kathryn Bolt, PLPC

I am a provider at our Morgantown clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. I can help in terms of listening to the client’s needs and adapting accordingly. I offer person-centered counseling where the primary focus is on the client’s needs and treatment plan. I offer a wide range of personal experiences and work experience in counseling children, adolescents, and adults with self-esteem, anger management, and diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, among many more aspects. 

My ideal client would be open to addressing issues and problems despite them being voluntarily or involuntarily attending sessions. Their needs could be a variety of topics such as stress, learning behaviors, self-esteem, ADHD, and anger management. The clients want to be present and learn valuable lessons for solving their problems.

I look forward to bringing peace, joy, and an open mind to any individual whose concerns are causing any discomfort. I believe there is more than one way to reach a solution when creating an attainable goal for one’s treatment plan. Not only do I have a passion for providing my services to the best of my ability, but also have a passion for the creative arts. The creative arts have been a healing resource for me when I needed some comfort for myself. I will be accepting clients up to the age of 40 years old.