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Miriam Flatley, NCC


As a therapist, I wear many different hats. I approach whole-person wellness by not only being a therapist, but a consultant, researcher, teacher and advocate. I am best fit to work with children, adolescents, and families who are or who have experienced challenges including past traumas, anxiety, depression, adjustment related disorders, self-esteem issues, attachment difficulties, and grief. I foster a therapeutic alliance of unconditional positive regard with clients. Goals for my clients include, but are not limited to, building healthy coping skills, increased relational awareness, mindfulness practices, and whole brain integration techniques to better a clients well-being and development long after therapy is terminated.

I strive to foster an environment that promotes a therapeutic alliance of unconditional positive regard. I provide a holistic approach to counseling services by encouraging the development of whole brain integration through creative counseling techniques and cognitive behavior therapy services.

I graduated from West Virginia University with my Masters in School and Mental Health Counseling, and I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I am passionate about helping people heal from internal barriers preventing them from becoming the healthiest version of themselves.