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Pamela O’Dell, PA-C


I have treated many different symptoms and conditions during my years in psychiatry. Although I enjoy working with teenagers, Veterans or children who are on the spectrum (ASD), my ideal patient would not be a specific symptom, age group or diagnosis. My ideal patient is the one who not only wants to get better, but the one willing to partner with me to achieve a positive quality of a life. Medicine and therapy combined with willingness from the patient is what yields results. My ideal patient wants to get better to enjoy their life, be with their loved ones and pursue their dreams. My ideal patient realizes medicine is only a piece of the puzzle and not a cure all. Of course, follow up appointments are crucial to their care and the ideal patient returns to all appointments and follows all medication and therapy guidelines. I enjoy educating patients so that they can understand how to achieve the results they want, which is a happy, fulfilling life. I want patients to realize that they are so much more than a label or diagnosis. They can live a happy fulfilling life with a diagnosis because that is only a part of their story.

I am a dedicated psychiatric Physician Assistant. I have been working in the field for 20 years. I am a firm believer that medicine combined with therapy and willingness of the patient, can ensure a positive quality of life. I am always a fierce advocate for the patients who feel like they are forgotten or that no one cares, I do care. Since every patient is unique, I will partner with them on their journey to healing. I will always respect patient’s personal values and beliefs and offer a judgement free and safe atmosphere.

My heart belongs to the most energetic, loving, and compassionate person I know, my nephew! He is the light of my life and has given me a new perspective on life. He was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. He was considered nonverbal until the age of 6. Every day he works hard to fit into a world that does very little to fit into his world; yet he does it with a smile. He is my inspiration and teaches me more than I could ever teach him. I read a quote that says, “Don’t judge what you don’t understand.” Although this was in reference to the invisible different ability of autism, it has become my life motto. It is not up to me to judge anyone else, but to encourage and support others. When I am not spending time with my nephew, I like to watch HGTV, visit my family farm, spend time with my family (including my 2 cats and German Shepherd), and sing. I was born and raised in southern West Virginia and I am a proud WV girl!