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Tiffany Henderson, LGSW

I am a provider at our Wheeling clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. Throughout my career, I have worked with many different people from vastly different walks of life…. from prisoners to pregnant teens to foster care to hospice. In that timeline and in each role, I felt comfortable with the population that was right in front of me. I believe that I can learn so many new things from each and every person that is out there or that comes to me for help. A therapeutic relationship is collaborative, in my mind- the person comes for help from a Social Worker or Therapist, who can be a neutral sounding board to process life’s maladies. The “ideal” client does not exist to me, I welcome all.

I am grateful that I have worked with the diverse populations that I have. We all have something in common- humanity and struggle. I am able to help others to see that we are all alike, but in different ways unique to our personalities, life paths, trajectories. Some people need a little bit more emotional support to get through “life.”

I have worked with many walks of life- hospice, pregnant and parenting teens, drug and alcohol, PTSD, foster care, residential, mentally and physically disabled, jail settings, and I welcome anyone (from any walk of life) to process what we all deal with —humanity. Life is a struggle, and some days are harder than others. I feel it is most important to 1.) always have a support system in place for those “rainy days”, and 2.) reach out to your support system for an umbrella when it is raining and pouring (tools learned in therapeutic setting). I am excited to help you learn what tools may work for you!