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3 Mental Health Benefits of Running

If you’re looking for a way to improve your mental well-being, as well as your physical health, running is an excellent option. This activity offers endless benefits for your mental and emotional health – from boosting your mood to reducing stress and anxiety and increasing focus. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at how running can help with psychological issues such as depression and anxiety and we’ll explore the impact of endorphins on mood and energy levels. And, don’t miss out on a few key tips on getting started if you’re new to running!

Let’s dive right in!

Running Triggers The Release of Feel-Good Hormones To Fight Depression and Anxiety

When you go out for a jog, your brain releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins. These chemicals trigger what’s known as ‘runner’s high’: a feeling of well-being and euphoria accompanied by decreased pain levels and improved general wellness. 

This reaction, coupled with the release of antidepressant-like chemicals such as serotonin, can help improve mood in those suffering from depression or anxiety and have positive effects on your mental health. 

Jogging Can Improve Your Body Image and Self-Esteem

Going for a jog on a regular basis, or even just going for a walk every morning, can help boost your body image and self-esteem. Even if you’re new to running, just putting your running shoes on and getting out of the house can help you burn some extra calories and improve the way you see yourself. This can offer a cascade of benefits, including improved confidence, posture, and physical strength. 

What’s more, regular exercise can help you fend off conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and arthritis, which are risk factors for chronic pain and mental health disorders such as depression. 

Running Outdoors Can Fight Stress and Boost Relaxation

Research has shown that outdoor running can help participants combat chronic stress by releasing endorphins and stimulating a calming sensation in the brain. Additionally, just being outdoors in fresh air is naturally soothing: it helps boost relaxation and mood, which contributes to better overall mental health.

3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Runs

If you are a beginner runner, getting outside for your first jog can be a daunting thought – especially if you are not sure what to expect. However, the good news is that you can start jogging at any age, and this sport has extremely low barriers to entry!

This means that, with the right tips, you can get started in seconds. 

Let’s look at these key strategies below. 

Get The Right Clothing and Footwear

The first step is to invest in the right running clothing and footwear, which should include breathable and sweat-wicking materials. As for footwear, you might consider investing in running shoes that will support your ankle and absorb shock. 

Nonetheless, you could also consider the benefits of using barefoot running shoes such as the ones on Runners Athletics. These shoes encourage more natural foot movements, help reestablish your natural gait, and may prevent injuries.

Find a Buddy

If you are struggling to find the motivation to go for a run each day, look for strategies that can keep your motivation levels high. For example, running with a friend can be incredibly motivating. 

It’s also easier to stay consistent if other people depend on you and hold you accountable. Plus, when going through tough times, companionship can help lift your spirits, make you feel less lonely, and help you enjoy a sense of community.

Work With a Personal Trainer

If you are unsure how to get started with running, a great strategy is to work with a specialized personal trainer. Indeed, partnering with a specialist can help you refine your technique, keep your motivation levels high, and build up endurance. 

This is particularly important if you’re running for mental health. With their guidance, you’ll find yourself making faster progress toward achieving your goals!