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Don’t Let Stress Bog You Down: Here’s How to Push Through It

The amount of stress in the world right now is extremely high, and there are a lot of different reasons for that. One major reason that’s impacting a ton of modern working professionals is the general lack of security and guarantee when it comes to paid work or income. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were major layoffs, tons of professional mindset shifts, and a massive new wave of entrepreneurs and solo ventures that got launched. Some found success, others did not. Now though, even three years later, the job market is still extremely unsteady, volatile, and flooded with talented professionals desperate for work in their fields who are unable to find any. This is only exasperated by the major trend to use freelancers over full time employees.

There are plenty of other reasons stress levels are spiking across the general public as well. For instance, the fact that inflation rates were raised three times last year is driving the cost of living up for everyone. With such high tension, it’s important to find ways to persevere and destress. Whether this comes through the form of regular exercise, blasting death-metal, or trying an NAD IV drip, having a stress relief outlet is crucial. 

Get Organized 

When dealing with high stress levels, getting organized is a crucial first step to take. Getting organized can happen in a few ways. First, you’ll want to identify the source of the stress. Whether this is work, the lack thereof, family matters, or something else entirely; being able to ID the source of the stress can help you move through the rest of the organizational process. 

Identifying the source of the stress might feel like a breath of relief in and of itself. Once you’re able to identify the source of the stress, you can start to wrap your head around it and bring it into perspective. Gaining a grasp of the situation can help make it feel less daunting, and therefore take some of the stress out of it. 

Finally, start to organize your life around the source of the stress. For instance, if your health is stressing you out, you can start by educating yourself on health and wellness routines. 

Make a Plan

After you’ve gotten yourself somewhat organized and in a position to actually address the stress, you should make a step by step action plan that allows you to actively work towards your goals, no matter what they are. The nice thing about laying out a plan is that it doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can take your time with each phase of the plan, and watch as you make incremental progress in the right direction. Taking the time to create and execute a plan will also help tamper the amount of overall stress being experienced on a day-to-day or even weekly basis. This is especially because as you actively progress through your plan, you’ll also be actively moving forward through the situation that’s causing you stress. 

Then, by the end of the plan, there’s sure to be something else that’s got your stress levels spiking. 

Don’t Neglect Rest or Exercise

In times of stress it’s easy to sacrifice ourselves and our own wellness first. Sleep, for instance, is one of the first things to go. As is exercise, because it feels like there’s simply no time in the day to set aside for an exercise routine. Skipping meals is another habit that a lot of working professionals slide into during periods of high stress (which for many right now, is all the time). 

However, it’s important not to neglect your regular wellness routine when you’re stressed out. For starters, exercising and eating well will help you manage your emotions, and will keep you fueled and energized throughout the day. 

Furthermore, maintaining these health regimens during times of stress will also help you maintain a sense of control over your life, while also giving you the space to destress and decompress. 

Taking Breaks

In addition to keeping up with your health and wellness routines, you should also make sure that you’re making time for breaks throughout the workday or work session. This is vital to heightening concentration and maintaining productivity. 

Without a few 15 minute breaks throughout the day, your likelihood of reaching burnout or a state of stale productivity is much higher. 

Trying an IV Drip

Finally, when it comes down to it, we sometimes need something more than a workout and a good night’s rest. IV drips are a fairly new recreational health supplement, but they’re quickly gaining tons of attention. This is partially because of the 100% efficacy we see with intravenous vitamin and mineral absorption, compared to the 50-60% experienced with oral ingestion. 

There are a wide variety of IV drips for different types of health focuses, but one of the most popular is the NAD IV drip. 

A few Final Words

If you’re feeling extra stressed lately, for any reason at all, focus on your health and wellness routine, get organized, and start tackling what you can with an intentional plan of action.