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Taylor Pennington, Temporary LPC


My ideal client is someone who is honest and committed into putting the work into building a client counselor relationship, and devoted to getting better or learning to cope. I have worked w/ a plethora of mental health issues. I have worked w/ those w/ ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, BPD, restricted eating, binge eating, sexual assault, domestic violence, family trauma, grief, narcissism, gender identity, live transitions for example leaving college and stepping into the world of adulting.

My philosophy as a therapist is rooted in treating each person as a unique individual who deserves unconditional acceptance, regardless of their circumstances or struggles. I am committed to coming alongside my clients, challenging and encouraging them to find healing emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. To truly see my clients, I listen, observe, and notice without judgment. I aim to understand and accept them for who they are, helping them embrace and accept their contradictions and complexities. I strive to see beyond the surface layers and permit them to be their authentic, wonderfully complex selves. As a therapist, I draw inspiration from Client-Centered Therapy, fostering a safe and accepting environment for clients through empathy and nonjudgmental. I also integrate Cognitive-behavioral theory to challenge and change mistaken notions while incorporating Rational-Emotive approach to help clients overcome self-defeating beliefs. My ultimate goal is to support clients’ healing and personal growth through tailored methods and approaches. In my counseling chair, I experience a deep sense of purpose and meaning, unlike anything I have encountered elsewhere. This sense of connection and fulfillment fuels my passion for helping others. It is my duty to help others, stay ethical and updated with ACC, and further my education for the safety of my clients and career.

I am a Huntington native, born and raised. I am a double Marshall alumnus receiving my BA in psychology and my MA in clinical mental health counseling. I am a devoted dog mom to my angel baby good boy, Astro Lamar Pennington, who is a West Virginia Brown Dog, in other terms, he is a rescue mutt, but WV brown dog sounds better.